Why you should buy a Goodman ssx14 air conditioner for your house

Goodman ssx14

Goodman ssx14

When you decide to select an air conditioner, it is important that you select the correct model with high efficiency and higher durability. Whether it is for your office or for use at home, the system should give you higher value for your money and bring down repairs related costs. It is for this reasons that good-man ssx14 air conditioner remain unrivalled in many fonts. Here are more reasons why you should consider buying this air conditioner.

The conditioner comes with a large warrant for users

Unlike other air conditioners, ssx14 air conditioner comes with a large warrant for users. Goodman understands the need to deliver value and therefore takes a long stride in ensuring that you get higher value for your money. The air conditioner is covered by a lifetime warrant for the compressor. If the compressor fails, all you need to do is to go and inform the company to get a replacement. Other functional parts are covered by a 10 years warrant that will ensure that you get the comfort you have always desired for your home.

Has double [high and low pressure switches

Because of high seasonality, this air conditioner has been designed to cater for these changes without wasting leading to a rise in power wills. Because the air conditioner has two switches, high and low power ones, you can switch on the high power one during hot weather and the low switch in colder season. Take this air conditioner and get all the enjoyment on demand.

Environmental friendly

While you get the special conditioning of your house, the external environment is no doubt an important factor to consider because you are heavily interconnected to it. The design of the air conditioner was carefully done so that it does not use the ecologically dangerous R-410a chlorine in its system. Instead, it uses a liquid refrigerant return protection. When you buy this air conditioner, it will no doubt go a long way in promoting the environment.

Duct cleaning restores cleanliness and promotes health

There are several parts of my house that I discovered are in need of maintenance. For this reason, I decided to try and do as much of it by myself as possible. As far as duct cleaning was concerned, the family did not consider it as a maintenance measure of much importance. I assumed that if the air in the house was polluted, I would be able to tell. However, this perception changed when a family member begun to suffer from frequent asthma attacks. This led to us calling professionals to inspect the system. They found different types of bacteria and mold in the ducts.

Initially, I avoided calling professionals because I assumed the services would cost a lot. However, it had not occurred to me how much the heating and cooling systems are used throughout the year. The costs of cleaning up dirt that has built up or paying for medical services are a lot more than those needed to get ducts cleaned. In addition, having the ducts cleaned has eliminated a lot of stress from y life. The musty smell which I assumed to be an issue with the room has now disappeared. Before, I would spend hours, as well as cash on detergents trying to get rid of it.

I agreed to write this to help other people breath clean air

I was very impressed by the systematic way that the cleaning company carried out the entire duct cleaning process. The first step was to disconnect any power that was still running in order to ensure of high safety levels. Special tools and materials were used to clean out the coils on the cooling system entirely. After this, the experts cleaned out all the registers carefully before returning them. The ducts took a lot of work to get clean, requiring special equipment to do the job. The last step was to ensure that all odors were under control.

The Benefits of Regular Coil Cleaning

The Benefits of Regular Coil Cleaning

The Benefits of Regular Coil Cleaning

If you are considering regular coil cleanings, let’s discuss the reasons why you should have it done. What are the benefits of regular coil cleaning?

Cleaning the coil will improve its peak operating efficiency. Then the unit will produce more cool air with less electricity. Your air conditioner will have to work harder and longer when the coils are dirty, increasing your electric bill. In the case of your compressor, dirty coils will cause it to use up to 30% more electricity to do the same job as a clean coil.

Florida Air Offer Free Coil Inspection

Cleaning the air conditioner coils will remove the dirt, dust and debris that can clog the unit, causing components like the motor to wear out faster. Regular cleaning will prevent grime and grease from trapping moisture against the coils which could cause it to rust. If you do not have the equipment cleaned regularly, you will need to replace costly components more often.

It is easy and cost-effective to have an HVAC inspection while the condenser and evaporator coils are cleaned. Integrating coil cleanings into your air conditioning service extends the life of the equipment, and you may be able to have the cleaning done as part of the regular service visits for little to no additional cost.

If the unit is not cleaned regularly, you may end up having the wrong parts serviced. This happens when problems like poor cooling are blamed on causes like insufficient refrigerant or a bad part when it is actually a dirty coil.

New air conditioners are sensitive to increases in static pressure. You need to clean these coils often in order to prevent the fan motors from having to run continuously.

Cleaning coils regularly prevents the build up of dirt and grime that could clog the drain pan if the unit is cleaned infrequently.

And regular cleaning ensures that mold and bacteria cannot colonize the AC coils, potentially polluting the air brought into the home. Regular coil cleaning also ensures that small animals and insects don’t take up residence in the AC.

How Ductwork Conditions Cause Poor Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality

How does the condition of your ductwork cause poor indoor air quality? And how can cleaning your ductwork improve your indoor air quality?

• Dust and dirt that have become trapped in the ductwork either re-circulate in as dust that is easily inhaled or contributes to the growth of mold and mildew in the ducts.
• If your ducts contain any trapped moisture or leaking water, mold and mildew can begin growing in the ducts. This mildew can aggravate asthma, worsen respiratory conditions like COPD and emphysema and trigger allergies. Symptoms that cause owners to say they have a “sick house” such as headaches, respiratory problems, itchy eyes or sinus infections can be attributed to air duct problems and can be solved by cleaning them.
• Tobacco smoke is a major contributor to poor indoor air quality. Cleaning of the air ducts will remove the smoke particles that have coated the inside of the air ducts.
• If there are insulation fibers escaping into the duct work, you need to have the ducts cleaned to avoid causing respiratory problems. This is especially true if the home has asbestos insulation.
• If you have had the insulation in your act repaired or additional insulation added, have your ducts cleaned to capture any insulation fibers before they are inhaled.
• Cleaning your air ducts after pesticides and biologicals were sprayed in your home will prevent these chemicals from circulating in the air long after the chemicals have stopped being effective on pests. You can improve your indoor air quality by having the air duct cleaning company coating the ducts with an environmentally friendly biocide in place of the toxic chemicals that had been used.
• If you have a fireplace, you should have the air ducts cleaned each spring to remove smoke particles trapped in the air ducts. This will prevent them from circulating in the air and being inhaled throughout the rest of the year.